Sunday, July 05, 2015

Sunday Brunch + Giveaway #5: Liv Hadden

Sunday Brunch is a weekly feature for getting to know authors who are new to us at Black Heart Reviews, by asking some quirky, fun questions.

Today, we introduce you to Liv Hadden. Her debut novel, In the Mind of Revenge, releases at the end of July. If you have a chance, go take a peek at her website, she's got some great blog posts!

If people were thrown in jail for bad habits, what would be your crime?
Incessant cheese intake.

If you had a superpower, what would it be?
Poop money.

What would you Superhero name be?
Dolla Bowel

Chunky or Creamy?

Who is your favorite Disney Princess?
Mulan. What a bad ass.

If you were a stalker, would you be good at it?
Hell no, I am clumsy AF.

You are forced into karaoke, what song do you sing?
Baby Got Back by Sir Mix-A-Lot

Godzilla or King Kong?
Godzilla...I cried during the newer King Kong - his eyes looked like a puppies! Yes, it was in a theatre and yes I cried the whole time. I'm a sucker for animals.

You are an alien with your own spaceship, who do you abduct?
All the fabulous gay men. My alien planet is just a giant dance club.

We come to your house for dinner, what are we eating?
Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream - one scoop of every flavor. And broccoli, cuz vegetables.

Pick two celebrities to be your parents.
Robert Downey Jr. & Courtney Love. I'd be super well adjusted to the real world.

I’m a twenty-something person living in Austin with a very handsome SO, 2 adorable life-affirming dogs & a burning desire to be exactly who I’m meant to be.

Mine is a tale of pain, hate, lies, murder, injustice, vengeance, love unreturned. It began much like yours; a hopeful innocent born to a world of endless possibilities. But my journey has rarely been paved with opportunities of light. Confronted by those who sought to eclipse what light I had found, the darkness came for me. Wrapped in its intoxicating embrace, I have risen from the dead to reclaim my dignity and the life that was taken from me. I have begun my journey into the mind of revenge. Revenge for me. Revenge for those like me. Those who are shamed.
This is a story for the shamed, by the shamed. The question is, are you ready for it?

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