Wednesday, July 01, 2015

Review: The Single Game by Amanda Black

Series: The Apartment Novels - This is a stand alone
Release Date: July 15, 2015
Publisher: Full Fathom Five Digital
Genre: NA / Erotica
Source: Copy provided for honest review
Rating: ★★★

In this third, stand-alone installment of Amanda Black’s Apartment Novels series, sparks fly during a sexy party game.

When Eden Foster’s parents tell her they’re moving from Chicago to the Illinois suburb of Aledo, Eden is crushed. That is, until she runs crying to her jock boyfriend, who she finds on top of her so-called best friend. Moving’s not looking so bad anymore.

Now a senior at Mercer County High, Eden is ready to re-enter the dating scene. Still burned over the betrayal of her ex, she’s looking for someone sweet and innocent. With the help of her two new friends, Zoe and Amy, Eden makes a list of what she’s looking for: an eager virgin, ready for training—and no jocks.

Eden thinks she’s found what she’s looking for in Logan Black, a shy and geeky classmate. But why are Zoe and Amy convinced that the answer to her search is a party game…with kissing?

Eden better get ready, because she’s about to play the Single Game.

I'm very conflicted over The Single Game. Admittedly, I almost DNF'd it after the prologue, which was immature and whiny. I think, because of that, I had a harder time warming up to Eden.

However, if you can get past the first 20% of this story, past the junior high type antics and the complete turn around from 'I never really noticed this boy before' to 'I really am attracted to this boy', you will find an adorable and sexy story.

Once Logan actually graced the pages of The Single Game, my attention was grabbed.  Logan is shy, a virgin, never been kissed, small town boy. He knows what he wants though, Eden. He just doesn't have any clue on how to get her.

Now, Eden. I said it took me some time to feel anything towards her. Eventually, I ended up loving how sexually free she is.  Not in the manner of sleeping around, that isn't her at all. She is very responsible with sex but she isn't afraid or ashamed by the fact that she likes it and wants it.  I love when authors write women like this. LOVE it. Eden is only eighteen and she's in high school so it was a bit to wrap my mind around, lets be honest, most high school girls aren't like that. I loved it no less though.

I also loved the way Eden handled Logan. You can take that statement any way you want, it will still be true.  She knows he is new to relationships, he comes with no experience and taking first steps is hard for him. She guides him through it with care but Logan's ummm...eagerness to learn...was hot as hell.

Logan made this book. With his awkwardness, his nerdy glasses and cardigans, his raw need and his absolute knowledge in what he wants. It's getting a higher rating for him alone.

Regardless of the immature moments that were thrown in here and there throughout the story, I still really enjoyed The Single Game. Quite a lot. I think it could have used some thorough clean up and finesse and even a bit more conflict. However, it's a sweet story with some extremely, explicit and hot sex which left me thinking that Logan Black may just be a book boy I remember for quite some time to come.

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