Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Review: The Offer by Karina Halle

Release Date: June 14, 2015
Publisher:Metal Blonde Books
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Source: copy provided for honest review
Rating: ★★★★ ½

She thinks he's an arrogant playboy.
He thinks she's an uptight prude.
But he's about to make her an offer she can't refuse.

Nicola Price used to have it all – a great career, the perfect boyfriend, an excessive shoe collection and an apartment in one of San Francisco’s best neighborhoods. But when she gets knocked up and her asshat boyfriend leaves her high and dry, Nicola’s perfectly crafted world comes tumbling down. And stays that way.

Now, Nicola is the proud single mom to a five-year old daughter and living a giant lie. She can barely afford their ghetto apartment and all the men she dates run when they hear she comes with a child. She’s struggling and scared – and nowhere near where she thought she’d be at age thirty-one.

Her saving grace comes in the form of a tall, handsome and wealthy Scotsman Bram McGregor, the older brother of her friend Linden. Bram understands a thing or two about pride, so when tragic circumstances place Nicola at rock bottom, he offers them a place to live in the apartment complex he owns. It’s pretty much the perfect deal, so as long as she doesn’t mind living beside Bram, a man that, despite his generosity, seems to antagonize her at every turn.

But nothing in life is free and as Nicola gets her feet back on the ground, she discovers that the enigmatic playboy may end up costing her more than she thought.

She might just lose her heart.

Those McGregor brothers are nothing but trouble...

I fell in love with The Offer for a few different reasons.

One, Nicola. She's a single mom, one who was thrown into quite suddenly.  She didn't plan on getting pregnant and she didn't plan on the father to walk.  While I can't relate with that second part, I definitely could with first part.  I had no clue what I was doing as a young mother and, like Nicola, asking for help was difficult. It's easy to lose yourself and set aside your life goals when you have this tiny human that depends on you for EVERYTHING. I related to Nicola in that sense and found her tenacity endearing.

Two, Ava. That kid is damned adorable. She's going through some pretty scary things but she takes them in stride, with the strength only children seem to posses.

Three, Bram. Oh, Bram.  Bram is ... one part slut, one part humanitarian, one part dependable friend and maybe three parts guilt and regret.  He's deeper than he lets on, even to those who know him well.  He's got some pretty big demons and self loathing to deal with. We all have things we wish we had handled differently in life, sometimes those things run out of control and become harder and harder to fix. Bram struggles with those things and let's it be fuel to be something more.

Nicola has problems. Bram has solutions, but he also has secrets. However, Halle unravels those in a way that made the conflict not so traumatic.  I understood the problems from both sides. I could sympathize on all levels. Which was refreshing - to not want to cut one of the characters you're reading about.

The Offer is a lighter read than some of Halle's previous titles. It probably won't send you into tears or fears, you'll most likely come out of it with a smile on your face and Bram holding special residence in your heart.

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