Monday, May 25, 2015

Review: Revelry by Carmen Jenner

Series: Taint #1
Release Date: May 25, 2015
Publisher: Carmen Jenner
Genre: Romance / New Adult
Source: Copy provided for honest review
Rating: ★★★★

Cooper Ryan is living the dream. Between the parties with rock royalty, booze, groupies and performing to crowds of thousands with his band Taint, life seems pretty sweet. There’s just one thing missing: the feisty little red-head that took his baby and ran off with his heart. Throwing himself into music is the only thing keeping him sane.

Until a run-in with a nonplussed, package-wielding PA throws everything off balance.

Ali Jones is having a craptastic life. Her grandmother died, leaving her homeless, penniless, and alone, and her boyfriend left her for a tramp who takes her clothes off for money. That’s why when she lands her dream job at a record company it seems like it’s too good to be true.

Because it is.

Slapped with an ultimatum, Ali must decide if facing the horror of the unemployment line is a fate worse than going on the road with four rowdy rockers hell-bent on making her life misery.

He’s adored by millions.
She’s not even loved by her cat.

Can they ignore their hatred long enough to survive the tour from hell? Or will their chemistry force everything to come crashing down around them?

Cooper Fucking Ryan. Sexy. Bossy. Emotionally unavailable. He's still a little shaken from losing his heart and his child to another man.  He's distracting himself with his career and a world tour until another feisty redhead falls in his lap.

Ali Jones has lost everything over the past year. She has no family, no love and is barely holding down the job she hopes will lead to the career she desperately wants.  Playing coffee girl to Cooper's band, is not on her to do list. But when it's that or lose her job, she goes...albeit kicking and screaming.

Ali is not the type of girl Taint is used to. She doesn't fall at the feet of all the boys. She's clumsy, bad mannered, foul mouthed, goofy, geeky and hates being told what to do.

Which is exactly what these spoiled rock stars need. Ali may have some animosity due to Cooper's demanding ways, but she can't deny the feelings she has for him. Underneath his cockiness is a sensitive guy. A caring guy, still harboring feelings for a different redhead.

Cooper isn't the only rockstar falling for Ali's smart ass and snarky mouth, though.

Levi also has his eyes on her.  And one night of too much drinking and hurt feelings starts a sexy lust triangle.

Ali, after spending so much time lonely, rolls with the punches. Until she becomes the punching bag and a band once built on family and friendship is cracking from rivalry, jealousy and mistrust. Hard decisions have to be made and hearts will undoubtedly be broken.

Taint is a little more lighthearted and fun then the last couple of Jenner's novels.  It's not all fun and games, this is still a romance between two people so afraid to love again they'll fall into sexual chemistry with abandon to keep it from happening again. You feel for Cooper's confusing emotions, you fall in love with Levi's way of hiding behind a huge labido. You hope for them all to find some sort of happiness.

But this is really Cooper's story and it's one I was very glad to read.

Jenner has created a great cast of characters with the Taint boys and the take-no-punches girls who love them.  I'm excited to see where the series goes and how these unique guys end up finding love.

In the effort of being transparent, this book was dedicated to me. Carmen is a good friend and I adore her and what she gave to me in Revelry.  I'm telling you I loved it but maybe I'm biased. However, if you're a fan of Jenner's, I think you'll love this start to what promises to be a fun series.

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