Thursday, May 21, 2015

Review: Echo by E.K. Blair

Series: Black Lotus #2
Release Date: May 11, 2015
Publisher: E.K. Blair
Genre: Dark Romance / Thriller
Source: purchased
Rating: ★★★★★

It's been said the longest echo ever measured lasted 75 seconds, but I can assure you, this will last much longer. The bang deafened the world around me, muting everything into nullity, allowing the reflection of its destruction to live far beyond its intended life. 

It will follow me forever, destroying me—destroying you.

You want answers? 

So do I.

I don't think there was any other book I had been anticipating more this year, than Echo.  Bang was a book that stuck with me for so long. Maybe due to how dark and disturbing it was, maybe because the characters were so deeply, horrifically flawed. I'm not really sure, but it lingered. To say I was excited to start Echo, would be greatly underappreciating my feelings.

Echo will not be an easy book to review and keep it spoiler free not only for those who have yet to read it, but also those who have yet to read Bang. I'll do my best to convey my feelings without giving away too much of the integral plot.

Nina, or Elizabeth as we've come to know in a tailspin. A hurricane of emotions from losing everything.  Not that she ever really had a tight grip on much in life, but now she finds herself utterly alone.  Depressed, heartbroken, scared, angry and wasted - she leaves the life she's had with no sense of purpose or direction. Just a longing to be near a dream she never believes she can reach.

The journey ends up bringing her face to face with the past. A past she thought was lost forever. A person she desperately wants forgiveness from. A person dead set on never giving it to her. I can't blame this man for his feelings, I can't blame him for most of his actions.  Some are just, some are totally cruel and some make him as equally evil and unforgivable as she is. 

I can see how some readers will hate Blair for one scene in particular. It was a bitter pill to swallow.  It broke my heart. But most everything in this book broke my heart, so this felt in keeping with the theme.  These characters are brutal in their need for revenge and for pain.  Yet, they are also beautiful in the way they love unequivocally.  Despite everything they do to each other...underneath it all, it's fueled by the love they can't deny for each other.  They hate with such passion because they love with it as well. 

Echo does not have the same feel that Bang did.  It's definitely still very dark. However, it's much less conniving and twisted and so much more mental and emotional.  It's not about gaining justice and revenge, it's about healing once you are on the other side of that and facing the monster that revenge turned you into.

Echo by e.k. blair teaser

I spent more time with tears streaming down my face while reading Echo,  than not.  That's not a lie.  I could not help be shattered by the utter despair this book emoted.

After reading Echo, I realized just how underrated Blair is as an author.  Flipping through my notes, I noticed more highlighted quotes in this book than I have had for any book in such a long time.  Her words are gorgeous, even when they are completely disturbing.  She's an extremely talented writer with a brain that scares the ever loving shit out of me.  The places she has taken this story are terrifying and I'd hate to see what inspired her. Whatever it was though, I'm thankful for it. The Black Lotus series has proven to give me more feels than I ever expected.

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