Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Review: Monster Stepbrother by Harlow Grace

Series: Standalone
Release Date: February 9, 2015
Publisher: Harlow Grace
Genre: New Adult
Source: Purchased
Rating: ½


His dark obsession runs deep.

He's obsessed with her.
She's addicted to him.
Two damaged souls.
Will they heal or ruin one another?

How does a girl go from being Daddy's precious doll to a different kind of toy?
Easy really. When my father remarries it changes the course of my life and everything becomes . . . complicated.

My new stepbrother is a monster who hates me. Unapologetic, controlling, and brazen, he's intent on making my life a living hell.
Oliver King makes the rules. Whenever he wants. However he wants. Wherever he wants.
My head screams this is wrong, but I can't resist giving in to forbidden desires.
I want it as much as he does.

I'm his possession, his ultimate pleasure, his dark obsession.
My addiction to him grows to a dangerous level. I can't stop craving more from the man who has made me his and ruined me for anyone else.
Can what starts out as lust and vengeance end as love?
Can we take away one another's pain and ease one another's fears?

Nobody said life or love was easy.
My name is Maya Childs, and this is my story. 

**Somewhat SPOILERISH**

Let's be honest. The extra half star on the rating? Purely because I was somehow able to finish this book.

Here's the thing... Stepbrother romances have exploded in the past few months.  I read the one that started it, I loved it. In an attempt to try and recapture a little bit of that taboo love, I picked up Monster Stepbrother. I like dark and dirty, add that to a forbidden romance and it gets me all atwitter.

However, Monster Stepbrother felt completely thrown together on a whim. Perhaps only for a chance to grab some of the readers who, like me, loved that 'other book'.  Monster Stepbrother failed miserably for me.

Maya first meets Oliver when her father marries his mother. Maya is twelve at the time, Oliver sixteen.  Oliver hates that he is being thrown into a new family after the recent death of his father but Maya fosters a little schoolgirl crush on Oliver.  It isn't until Maya is sixteen that any attraction really begins. And that's where the story started to fall apart for me.

Maya, at sixteen, is fucking brazen.  She does shit that I can't possibly believe many teenage virgins would. It's one thing to be obsessed with a boy and find flirty ways to get his attention, it's an entirely other thing to do the things Maya does. Seriously, what virgin gets herself off and licks her fingers? While her stepbrother watches??

Now Oliver, is very dirty and that does fit with his character. He's also a moody mother dick and going from hot to cold the way he did annoyed the shit out of me.  Not in that "why can't you get your life right" way but in the "what the fuck is wrong with this book" way. It didn't feel authentic.  There was no connection between his feelings and his actions.

This is the way of the story through most of the book.  Not only with Oliver and Maya, but some of the supporting characters never made much sense to me either.  There were entirely too many instances that felt tossed in just to make the story progress.

On top of all that, the sex wasn't even all that hot. It felt just as cold and detached as the characters.

Boo for stepbrother romances. Maybe someday, after the hype dies a horrible death, another good one will come along.

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