Monday, March 02, 2015

Makeup Monday #4: Now Leaving Sugartown+ Flash Tattoos

Makeup Monday is a weekly feature on Black Heart Reviews where we combine two of our favorites things: books and makeup! Hope you enjoy, and feel free to join in by posting your makeup regiment or beauty products on Monday via Facebook, Instagram or Twitter using #MakeupMonday!

Pepper Ryan grew up the troublesome, spoiled child of a rock god. With her less-than-stellar parentage, and the bipolar disorder that has plagued her existence, to say this little firecracker is a handful would be the understatement of the century.

Sammy Belle spent more than half his life saving Pepper. He’d been her strength, her sanity, and the protective brotherly figure she never wanted to have.

They were never meant to be together.

They gave in anyway.

And just when Sammy thought he had everything he wanted, Pepper ran.

Now twenty-three, Pepper returns to Sugartown, a failed tattoo artist with one too many screws loose who’s down on her luck, wielding an ice cream van as beaten up as her heart.

Sugartown’s most coveted bachelor has always been content with the quiet life he leads until Pepper, the hellion from his past, returns to test his strength, his patience, and perhaps even his sanity. But two can play at that game, and Pepper is about to learn that Sam can give as good as he gets.

Can this good country boy survive Pepper’s cruel city world, or will the whole thing be put down to a bout of temporary insanity?

One thing is for certain:

He’s crazy about her.

She’s just crazy.

Remember the temporary tattoos you'd get in the Cracker Jack boxes as a kid? Those were always my favorite, I never cared if it was the pirate or the butterfly - I just wanted the damn tattoo!  Now that I'm all growed up, I've had some real ink applied but it's an addictive process and I always want more.  Well, now I have a way to temporarily satisfy my need for new body art with out the pesky waiting or the expensive price tag.

Flash Tattoos has created a line of jewelry inspired temporary tattoos. They apply just like the ones from the cracker jack boxes - apply the cut out image to your skin, apply a wet compress for a few minutes and peel away! Easy-peasy-lemon-squeezy!

In Now Leaving Sugartown, Pepper spends time both as a tattoo artist and as a henna artist - reminding me of these little lovelies.

Purchase Flash Tattoos on - Sephora
Purchase Flash Tattoos on - Amazon

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