Saturday, January 24, 2015

Review: Landslide by Jenn Cooksey

Series: Standalone
Release Date: January 27, 2014
Publisher: Jenn Cooksey
Genre: New Adult
Source: Copy provided for honest review
Rating: ★★★★

For Erica and Cole, the bond of friendship was forged in childhood.

Now, torn and broken by grief, that bond will become paramount as two friends look to one another for comfort, strength, and hope in the aftermath of loss. On a journey taken both together and alone, Erica and Cole search for healing and life born anew. Although when mistakes, secrets and betrayal are revealed, the two must each learn to accept that even saints and some angels are human and people aren’t always who they appear to be.

But in the age old struggle to forget and forgive, realization dawns. And with it, so does the understanding that sometimes, the sturdiest foundation for the future lies buried in the dust of the past. Because, for some people…

…love is friendship caught on fire.

I am a big fan of Cooksey's Grab Your Pole series and while Landslide is a departure from GYP into more mature subject matter, it still holds Cooksey's signature writing style with a depth of emotions and a hint of humor.

Landslide pretty quickly throws you in the deep end of despair, but this isn't really a tale of tragedy.  Landslide is a story of true love and how it spans years, even if you aren't fully aware of it.  It's a tale of how people come in and out of your life and how the smallest of events can have just as strong of an effect on your future as a large event.

Cole was a very unexpected character, for me.  I liked him from the very start, the way he guarded his thoughts was something that grabbed my attention immediately.  He's, mostly, a very selfless guy but that isn't how he comes across to most and learning his reasoning for being that way kept me turning the pages.

I can't say that I had that same instant attraction to Erica.  It really took time for her to develop, but I think that's because she never really knew who she was. You are able to see that more as the story goes along.  She isn't always very honest with herself, she easily sets thoughts aside that might disrupt her carefully balanced life. Until she's forced to really examine it all.

Being honest with themselves is only part of the problem these two have, being honest with each other is a much bigger one.  But there are reasons for withholding the truth, and some of those reasons are incredibly heart breaking.

I did have somewhat of a lost in translation moment in this read.  There was a point where the strong connection I had been feeling, faded. There were a lot of details that needed to placed just so, but I think I was ready for everything to combust or converge. I was ready for the big feels.  However, after a couple of chapters, it picked right back up and perhaps even grew.  

Cooksey writes a story that is equal parts happy and sad.  There are moments of heart warming togetherness mixed in with complete soul wrenching heartache.  It's the combination of those two things that makes this such a solid New Adult debut for Cooksey.

If this seems like a vague review, it's because it is a vague review.  Landslide isn't the easiest book to talk about without giving away some key details. Which I really don't want to do.  So, I'll leave you with the this:  Landslide is an incredibly endearing story of loss, love, friendship, duty and growth.

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