Friday, December 05, 2014

WTF Friday #8: WTF Holiday Gift Guide

**WTF Friday is a weekly feature here at Black Heart, where we explore the stranger side of life.  It will not always be suitable for ages under 18, for work or for people lacking a sense of humor.  This is all in the name of entertainment, don't take it too seriously.**

Love shopping for the holidays? Want to give that friend, family member, or loved one a special gift that they will never forget? It's unbelievable how many odd items you can find on the internet. Odd items that your special someone might actually really love. Here's a list of a few "special" gifts that friend, family or love one might really enjoy this holiday season....

Boyfriend Pillow
Who to buy it for: That single friend or family member that needs a manly arm/chest to cuddle with during those cold winter nights. Suitable for men and women.

Find it on - Amazon

The Girlfriend Pillow
Who to buy it for: That single friend or family member that wants to snuggle with a lady. Even has boobies for them to hold on to or squeeze. Suitable for men and women. 

Find it on - Amazon

Bacon Scarf
Who to buy it for: For that friend or family member that loves bacon. Basically, everyone you know. Because who doesn't love bacon?

Find it on - Amazon

Unicorn Mask
Who to buy it for: That special someone that has always dreamed of being a magical unicorn. Basically, everyone you know. 

Find it on - Amazon

Wine Rack Flask Bra
Who to buy it for: The alcoholic in your life. Everyone has that one alcoholic relative, right?

Find it on -

Subtle Butt: Reusable Gas Neutralizers
Who to buy it for: That person in your life who has smelly gas. 
Find it on - Amazon

Abe Lincoln Erotica
Who to buy it for: That history buff who also has a knack for kink.
Click on covers for more info

Who to buy it for: Anyone who wants to spice up the holidays with a Santa-kini
Find it on -

Happy Holidays!!

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