Thursday, December 18, 2014

Review: Zel (Deviants & Saints)

Series: Deviants & Saints #1
Release Date: December 1, 2014
Publisher: Shantaye Brown
Genre: Erotica
Source: Copy given for honest review
Rating: ★★★★

***Comprehensible Jamaican dialect is used throughout the story because the heroine 'Zel' is half Jamaican***
This is not your typical love story. The questionable 'heroine' is not the victim, she's the bad-guy you'll probably love and hate... Depends on your sanity.

Asher stalked her because there was something about her that was undeniable, she's a mystery and he's drawn to her like nothing else, but nothing could prepare him for what he found.

Zel makes people's problems go away. She's cynical, aggressive and has no regard for human life, but when Asher crosses her path he becomes a problem she couldn't possibly 'make go away' as easy as the others.

Asher finds himself in way too deep when the lives of everyone he loves is threatened and he has to play the willing captive to keep them safe.

Zel has her own problems, someone wants her dead and they're not shy about it. They both won't be safe until she gets to them first.

Secrets unfold, lies are told and sacrifices are made. Consequences be damned.

Warning: Extreme violence, graphic sex, filthy Jamaican language and an overly aggressive and possessive heroine 18+

It is not very often that I take a chance on a brand new, unseasoned, author.  A month or so back, however, I stumbled upon a teaser for Zel and was intrigued enough to pause and check out the book on Goodreads.  When I was approached to review, I thought "why the hell not give it a try". It seems dark and dirty, which I tend to enjoy.

Zel is dark and dirty.

Zel's first chapter throws you right into her life as an assassin.  There is no guessing as to what kind of person she is.  She's a no holds barred, get it done at any cost, take charge type.  She'll use any means necessary to complete her task.  She makes no excuses for them or the people that suffer in her wake.

Ahser's life is vastly different from Zel's in most ways but not all.  Again, Brown gives a great taste as to who Asher is as a character right off bat. There is no warm up period.  Asher is cocky, extremely good looking guy that takes full advantage of his looks and charms.  So much so that he has a video library to prove it.  Demeaning women who willingly come up on him isn't a concern of his.  They mean nothing more than a quick release, a nice fuck, a way to pass a little time before the next piece of tail walks in.

That next piece of tail is Zel, and she couldn't give two fucks about Asher. Her not giving him the time of day has him obsessed. An obsession that puts him in the entirely wrong place, at the perfect wrong time, but with the exact right person.

I am a little infatuated with both Zel and Asher as characters.  They are both blunt and brutal with their words and actions.  Even with their harsh ways I still found myself wanting to know more about them. I didn't care that Asher was a total ass to women or that he spoke like an entitled dickhead, because there were enough moments interspersed of something more caring that made him interesting.  Same with Zel. She is a cold hearted murderer but there is such a delicate and fragile inside to her.  We get a small peak at that and it really makes me want to know her whole story.

Zel is a very sexually charged book, but really without a whole hell of a lot of sex.  Which, I liked. It gave way to more action and character development and I think that is important for the setup of the series.

I'm excited to see where this story goes and to get a deeper look at all the characters involved. Zel was a strong debut, in my opinion, I'm glad I gave it a shot.

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