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Best of 2014 Blog Hop + Giveaway: Day 8 - Favorite Indie Books/ Authors

One theme you might have noticed in all of our Best of 2014 lists is that we love reading indie books. We have a major love affair going on with indie books and love supporting the community that has brought us so many hours of reading pleasure. There are so many great indie authors out there for you all to discover and here's a list of authors that we totally adored in 2014...

Ali's Favorite:

1 - JA Huss
I've been a fan of JA's for a couple of years for a few reasons but the main one is that she consistently surprises me.  She pumps books out like it's easy but they never follow any cookie cutter lines. There is always some twist, some mystery, some connection that amazes me.

2 - Ilsa Madden-Mills
Ilsa was my favorite 'new' author in 2013 with Very Bad Things. My love for her and her writing has only grown in 2014.  Not only does she excel at writing heartfelt stories, but she is truly a sweet and caring person. 

3 - Lexi Ryan
I had not read anything by Lexi before 2014 but have read quite a bit of her this year. She gives these wonderfully flawed characters, but flawed in such relatable ways.  I never fail to have my tar black heart give a stutter when reading her books.  

4 - R.K. Lilley
I think Lilley will continually rank pretty high on my favorite author lists.  She's never fails to bring something new and creative to her writing. Usually in the form of a sexual act, which I will never stop loving! ;)

5 - Krista & Becca Richie
These ladies! My eye caught on them at first when they delivered a book about a slut and lush. Which I adored. Then they delivered all these other wonderful characters surrounding said slut and lush and I adored all of them too.  Some of my all time favorite characters come from the wonderful minds of these two ladies.

Debbie's Favorite:

1 - Mia Sheridan 
You might have seen Mia's Archer's Voice pop up in a few of my Best of 2014 picks. Archer's Voice was the first book of Mia's that I ever read, and I become an instant fan of this author even before I finished Archer's Voice. Bree and Archer's story will forever be one of my favorite stories ever and I am so glad to have discovered Mia this year.

2 - Ilsa Madden-Mills
I first became a fan of Ilsa Madden-Mills when I read Very Bad Things last year. The she came out with Very Wicked Things and my love for this author was solidified. Ilsa does a magnificent job in making you give a damn about all her characters. You can't help but love them all. 

3 - Daisy Prescott
Daisy Prescott is one of the finest gems that I discovered this year. Her Modern Love Stories series is one of my favorite series from 2014, and books that I highly recommend for everyone to read. If you love strong heroines and love stories that will make your heart flutter then you need to read her books. They are absolutely fabulous and she's as fabulous in person. 

4 - R.K. Lilley
I first fell in love with R.K. Lilley when I read her Up in the Air series last year, and have been in love with her ever since. When it comes to writing hot and sexy romance, this woman knows how to do it! Reading any of her books will get your body temperature sky rocketing and make you want to take a dip in a artic pool as soon as your done. She's (along with her hubby, Chris) one of the most genuinely nice and fun person you will ever meet.

5 - Tara Sivec
Tara Sivec has the distinct honor of being the only author that has ever had me laughing so hard from her book that I peed my pants. For serious. From Passion & Ponies to her Fool Me Once series, this author definitely knows how to bring on the LOLs. If you have not read Tara Sivec then you're totally missing out on the fun times. 

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Who were your favorite Indie Authors in 2014?

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