Saturday, November 01, 2014

Series Review: Blood & Roses by Callie Hart

Series: Blood & Roses #1-6
Release Date: 2014
Publisher: Callie Hart
Genre: Adult Serial
Source: Purchased
Rating: ★★★★ ½


I'm not proud of the things I've done.
The things I've had to do.
The things I've given away.
but I'd give it all over again to find her.

Even if i die trying,
I have to find Alexis.


She wants me to help her,
But I won't.
She wants me to save her sister,
But I can't.
She wants me to be her hero,
But I'm not a good man.

I am her damnation.

When I started the Blood & Roses series, I really was not sure what to expect.  I've read titles by Callie Hart's other name and though I abso-fucking-lutely love her writing, it's not dark and dirty. 

I wasn't surprised I loved this series, I was surprised by the series. 

The very first chapter will suck you in.  It can't not suck you in.  It's all kinds of fucked up, all kinds of wrong, but all kinds of intriguing, tantalizing and amazing.  Every chapter to follow, in every volume, is mostly the same way.  It's all go, all action, all turmoil.  It's non-stop.

Sloane is a constantly evolving character. She takes everything that comes her way with a sense of realism and ownership.  She doesn't make excuses or complain about the pitfalls her life takes, she just adapts.  She stands behind her choices, good or bad.  She's kind of badass.

Zeth is as well.  He's a force. Though under all that hard exterior is someone who just longs to be loved but believes he is undeserving.  He MELTED me.  Like..mop up that puddle..I'm done.

The Blood & Roses series is so much. I don't even know how to put all of it into words - so I won't even try to write a proper review of it.   There is a love story, there is murder, DEA, motorcycle gangs, drug lords, sex slaves, broken families, betrayal, heartache, tenderness.  So many fucking feels. 

All I have to say is if you like dark, suspenseful romances - READ THIS! 

If you are leery of serials, I know many are, I'll let you know that none of these are short reads.  I believe the shortest is 119 pages but most are 160-180 ish.  The first book is free, as well.

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