Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Review: King of Queens (Blackbrooke III) by Emma Silver

Series: Blackbrooke #3
Release Date: October 14, 2014
Publisher: Crooked Cat
Genre: YA Horror
Source: Copy provided for honest review
Rating: ★★★★ ½

"I’ll find him, and I’ll kill him."

Liberty Connor is back in Blackbrooke, and this time there’s no escape.

The gates are closed, and the town has descended into chaos without its precious Rules. Crits are roaming the streets day and night, picking off humans where they find them.

Liberty must put an end to a plan to finish the town and kill everyone, but there’s a catch: her childhood friend and one time love, Cassius Godwin, is the ominous figure behind the war – the King of Queens.

Liberty needs to set aside her feelings and, with the world watching, stop his madness before he destroys Blackbrooke for good.

But she’s running out of time…

To say I was eagerly anticipating the conclusion to Silver's Blackbrooke series, would be a grave understatement.  Blackbrooke was published in the summer of 2012 and was one of the stand out books I read that year.  I loved the world Silver built and the characters she forced to live in that world.  She brought new life into the horror world for me. 

Blackbrooke was never your average town and being raised in it forces you to be something more than average.  Maybe that is what makes this such a special series.  The characters are not cardboard, because how could they be?  Blackbrooke is a monster ridden small town, completely fenced in from the outside world.  There is a reason for that but I imagine many of you have not read the first two books and I don't want to give anything away.  But, if you've seen the movie The Village - Blackbrooke lives under similar circumstances.  Rules. Follow the rules. Obey them at all time or it very well could mean a violent death at the hands of the monsters known as Crits.  

Liberty grew up living by the rules, survived by breaking pretty much every one of them and now that the rules no longer apply she is fighting not only for her life but the lives of the entire town.  

Cassius is still more than he appears and even though I should have maybe gone in to this book hating him, I just couldn't.  He and Liberty have this crazy chemistry regardless of them loving each other or hating each other.  You just know they belong with each other...someway.  

It's the struggle between them combined with danger of the Crits and the plotting of all the higher powers that keeps you nail biting throughout this entire series.  You have tender caring moments on one page and blood curdling terror on the next.  

I really did not know what to expect in with King of Queens.  I had no idea how Silver would come up with an ending that would leave me satisfied.  It's really an impossible story.  But she did it.  Somehow she figured out how to turn the story around just enough to make me completely content with a story I thought there was no solution to.  

I only held back a half star because there was something I really wanted out of the epilogue and didn't get.  I'll have to imagine how that all works out in my head, but that's okay, I think I know where she was going with it!

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