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Review: One More Chance by Abbi Glines

Series Order: Rosemary Beach #8
Release Date: September 2, 2014
Publisher: Atria
Genre: Contemporary New Adult
Source: From Publisher for Review
Rating: ★★★★

She was it. His one. His only. Then he made the mistake of letting her go.

After fighting his way into Harlow Manning’s heart—and revealing a side of himself no one had ever seen before—Grant Carter destroyed his own heart by giving in to his greatest fears and doubts. Months later, he’s stuck in a miserable routine. Work relentlessly. Beg his best friend Rush for news about Harlow. Avoid all other friends. Leave nightly voicemails for Harlow, pleading with her to come back to Rosemary Beach. Fall asleep alone. Repeat.

Miles away, on her brother’s Texas ranch, Harlow can’t bring herself to listen to Grant’s voicemails. Though she wants to be with him, and knows he regrets letting her go, she doesn’t know if she can trust him. When he discovered the truth behind her sheltered upbringing, it shattered their relationship, but the secret she carries now has far greater consequences. Can she risk giving Grant one more chance, or will the gamble ultimately destroy her?

Grant Carter has been one of the characters I have been dying to get to know a little better ever since I started this series. But, Miss Glines left me feeling a little disappointed when I finished reading Take a Chance and to be honest I wasn't even sure I wanted to read Grant and Harlow's second book. But after all the dust settled and I got over my disappointment, I was more than ready to head back in to the world of Rosemary Beach and get caught up in all the angst, sex, and of course, drama!

I was a bastard, a heartless bastard. I didn't deserve her, but I wanted her more than I wanted to breathe.

The last time we saw Grant Carter, he had just let "the One" walk away because of his fears and doubts. Now, we fast forward to a few months and Grant is a sad mess and beats himself constantly for letting Harlow walk away. Grant spends most of his time in the beginning of ONE MORE CHANCE being utterly miserable and desperate. Serves him right after making such a hasty decision and hurting the person he loves most in the world. Meanwhile, Harlow has hidden herself away at her brothers house to get away from all the reporters and photographers and most importantly, Grant. She spends most of her days feeling just as empty as Grant and doesn't do a great job of convincing her brother that she's okay. She may have walked away from Grant but she didn't leave with her heart unscathed. 

My heart had always been weak, but loving Grant made it strong.

It doesn't take Grant a long time to find Harlow, and when he learns about another secret he's hiding from her, he jumps on Rush's private plane to get his woman back. But as with any Abbi Glines book, it's not an easy road and these two still have a few hurdles before they get their happily ever after. 

To be loved by him is to live. And I loved because he loved me. 

Grant is definitely not the same fun, loving guy that we met at the beginning of this series. With everything that has happened with Jace and his involvement with Nan has really hardened and tainted him. While I had some issues with him in Take a Chance, Grant definitely redeems himself by being the passionate, loving, and over protective man he needs to be for Harlow. Abbi always does a great job of taking these Southern playboys and making them into love sick puppies who would do anything and everything for the women they love. I always love seeing her heroes fall so easily and deeply once they meet the right woman. 

Now a Rosemary Beach novel would not be complete with out one of my most hated book characters ever, Nan. She's been a thorn in every one's ass since the beginning of this series and Nan continues to be a toxic pain. But it seems Abbi Glines might be having a change of heart with Rosemary's resident evil bitch because it seems like she was trying really hard to redeem this much hated character. I don't know if Abbi has any plans of writing a Nan book but I honestly do not have any desire to read it. Not everyone needs to be redeemed and Nan should just stay on track with her bitch train and continue to be the stirrer of drama. She's just more fun that way. 

He thought I was the hero of our story. How wrong he was. He had been the hero all along.

Overall, the conclusion to Grant and Harlow's story was a satisfying read even though she put her character through a bit of an emotional roller coaster. ONE MORE CHANCE definitely filled in holes that were left empty after I read the previous book and has rejuvenated my love for this series.  I can always count on Abbi Glines to bring the sex, drama, and intrigue. Rosemary Beach is still one of my favorite new adult series and I'm really looking forward to Bethy and Tripp's book and hopefully more about Mase (Harlow's older brother) and his friend Major. 

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ABBI GLINES is the New York Times, USA TODAY, and Wall Street Journal bestselling author of theRosemary Beach, Sea Breeze, Vincent Boys, and Existence series. A devoted booklover, Abbi lives with her family in Alabama. 

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