Sunday, September 07, 2014

Review: For the Love of Mercy by Leta Gail Doerr

Series Order Number: Bluegrass Country Series #2
Release Date: July 24, 2014
Publisher: ePublishing Works
Genre: New Adult
Source: Copy provided for honest review
Rating: ★★★

The only son of wealthy parents, Tyson "Jax" Ridgeton never wanted for anything, until he learns a hidden truth: adopted at the age of three, the mental images of an older sister he once passed off as fragmented dreams are real.

Armed only with a faded photo of his lost sibling, Jax lands in Brushville, Kentucky where he meets local waitress Mercy Lynn Callaway.

Mercy's unflinching optimism annoys Jax, but the curves of her body and her unwavering willingness to help his cause won't let him go.

Together, they delve into Jax's past. But as unearthed secrets grow more and more dangerous, Jax makes an unexpected discovery: he'll sacrifice everything for the love of Mercy.

For the Love of Big Orange was the novella that cured me of the horrible relationship I had with all things novella.  I used to absolutely hate novellas unless they were part of a series that I adored.  A sassy chick in a big orange truck tooling around Kentucky changed that for me.

Some of the things I loved from Big Orange were present in For the Love of Mercy, the country goodness and charm most notably.

Mercy Lynn was cute as a damn button and I instantly wanted to call her my friend.

Jax is tragically adorable. Putting these two together was highly entertaining.  Pairing a laid back, perma-happy, country bumpkin with a spoiled rich boy who's never worked a day in his life was nothing short of fun.

There was something I didn't love though.  Well, two things.  One was the way the story flowed.  While I enjoyed having both Jax and Mercy's POV, Emma's was thrown in too and it distracted me.  Emma is a huge part of the puzzle but her chapters gave me a disconnected feel.  I think I would have liked a little more of her story on it's own so that Jax and Mercy could have theirs all by themselves.  I just never felt like I got a clear grasp on Emma as a character.

The other thing I disliked was Jax's parents.  I'm not sure I'm supposed to love them, but I sure came close to despising them and I'm not sure that's where my head needed to be either.  Maybe I'm wrong. Maybe that is exactly where Doerr wants me to be.  They just seemed to do most everything wrong and it saddened me on Jax and Emma's behalf.

But aside from those two factors, the story is sweet, endearing, sad and loveable.  And while you get a happy ending, it's a grown up and realistic one not one dragged from some silly pink pouffy fairytale. For that, Leta Gail Doerr, I thank you!

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