Thursday, August 14, 2014

WTF Friday #1: Dragons F*cking Cars

**WTF Friday is a weekly feature here at Black Heart, where we explore the stranger side of life.  It will not always be suitable for ages under 18, for work or for people lacking a sense of humor.  This is all in the name of entertainment, don't take it too seriously.**

I was hanging out with some friends at a bar the other night, talking about the Seattle dating scene, the too hot weather and the strange things you can find on the internet. One item brought up by another member of our group was Dragons Fucking Cars. She claimed it was hilarious and I needed to check it out.

Of course, I did. I mean, who the hell comes up with such a thing?

Apparently, a man by the name of John Martello, a Furry artist who really likes dragons. 

It's reported he created the first three images back in 2004, why is still kind of a mystery, though it is believed they were created for some sexual fetish purpose. The three images were eventually reposted on the Oekaki Board, a site where artists share their images. The board created talk, wondering if there were really people in the world with a Dragons Fucking Cars fetish.

It's assumed that Martello saw this discussion and in 2007 created two more drawings that found their way online.

In recent years, it has become a full blown MEME, thanks to Reddit

This is the cleanest, and least entertaining, of Martello's drawings. You can find more at the Reddit link above, or by simply googling "Dragons fucking cars".

Enjoy and You're Welcome!

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