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Review: Not Your Damn Submissive by Amy Valenti

Not your damn submissive Amy Valenti
Series Order Number: Denial #1
Release Date: June 6, 2014
Publisher: Fido Publishing
Genre: Erotica
Source: Copy provided for honest review
Rating: 1/2

I’m beyond pissed off with Callum Connors. 

Yeah—THE Callum Connors, star of my favourite TV show…and all my most private fantasies.

He’s a self-confessed Dom, and he wants me, even though I told him outright that I’m not interested in submission or in him.

But then I kissed him.

What possessed me? I don’t even remember who started it, me or him—just that I brushed against him, and then we were on the way to third base in the middle of the set.

Maybe I should have told him no again afterwards, but I just wanted to escape before he tried to take it further. I didn’t think I’d be able to resist him.

I still don’t.

Now he’s somehow thrown us together for two whole weeks, getting the studio to temporarily change my job from set decorator to his personal assistant. I can live with being his assistant, but I am not his damn submissive.

No matter how sexy he is.

One star is perhaps a bit harsh, so I’m giving it a 1.5. I know, it’s not much better but let me explain. 

I had zero connection to this book. Not to the story or the characters. 

Kat is a set designer’s assistant at a large studio. When she hears that actor Callum Connor is going to be on the lot to film a pilot, she decides she needs to take a vacation at that time. See, Callum is rumored to be into BDSM, a Dom. Kat has watched Callum on the big screen, formed a bit of crush even, but her past keeps her from wanting to be anywhere near his supposed strong personality. 

At this point you’re probably wondering what happened to make her run from a job where she might be in the same room with a celeb who may or may not even take notice of her. 


When Kat was younger, a vulnerable young thing, she read a book. Just one, apparently. One book with some kink in it that prompted her to tell her much older boyfriend that she was interested in being dominated. No research was done, no further reading… just “Hey, let me be your sub…whatever that means.” 

It does not turn out well. In fact, it turns out horribly wrong. It turns extremely abusive. 

This is what causes her to attempt to avoid Callum. It’s an unsuccessful attempt and on the first day of knowing each other, after mere minutes of conversation…Callum is bare ass spanking her. 

I’m not quite sure this is how the D/s world works. In fact, I’m fairly sure this is not how it works. 

It was an unbelievable scenario. I realize this is Erotica and plot is not the main focus, but it was needed. 

Kat fights her attraction, but again fails. Once she decides she does have an undeniable attraction she finally finds her way to Google and one night of research has her figuring out she was an idiot. 

I felt like she was an idiot start to finish, sadly. Callum was entirely too forward and pushy, it did not feel like a responsible response to a D/s relationship and honestly…shouldn’t that be the entire point of the story given Kat’s past?  Granted, he's unaware of her past and when he does find out he eases off.  However, the entire plot just never settled in the right spot for me.

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