Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Review: Desired by Alisa Wood

Series Order Number: True Alpha #1
Release Date: September 2, 2014
Publisher: Alisa Wood
Genre: New Adult Paranormal Serial
Source: Copy provided for honest review
Rating: ★★★★

Shifters live in the shadows of Seattle, just under the skin of the alpha male, dot-com entrepreneurs who are building a new Silicon Valley in the Emerald City.

Mia is just a college girl trying to earn her business degree and dig out of the poverty she was born into—being a shifter is something she hides, hoping her secret won’t sabotage her dreams. 

Lucas is a broken alpha, a wolf who lost his mate, his pack, and almost himself—he wasn’t looking to rescue a girl or start a pack war. But now he has to keep her safe or it won’t just be her life, but his whole family at risk… only his inner wolf can’t seem to keep its paws off a girl who has secrets of her own.

Desired (True Alpha 1) is 80 pages or 20,000 words and is the first of six TRUE ALPHA episodes.

I've been in a contemporary romance slump as of late. I used to read so much paranormal and have slipped from that over the past year or so.  Desired showed up at just the right time to tickle my shifter need and get me back in the mood for more.

Mia is a shifter in hiding.  She doesn't know the first thing about shifters, other than she is one.  She's been packless her entire life and doesn't even realize that it's not normal.  She trudges through her daily life hoping no one will catch on and she won't pull an accidental shift at just the WRONG time.

When targeted by a few fellow shifters one night, Lucas comes to her rescue.  Thinking he is just protecting an innocent human.  His actions, however, elicit a pack war and a desire in his heart for someone he really shouldn't want.

Lucas is broken, Mia is mysterious and together they're a total mess of mixed feelings and hot sexual tension.  Which, only made for an exciting read.  I'm eager to hear Mia's back story and I'm intrigued by the taste of Lucas' that was shown. 

Desired is a strong start to what promises to be a fun series.  My only issue is that it was only a teaser.  It's short, as a serial should be, but that only gives you the set up of the story.  So, it left me wanting more.  That's no bad thing though.  It only ensures I'll be on the lookout for the next!

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