Thursday, August 21, 2014

Character Interview + Giveaway: A.m. Jones

The heart wants what the heart wants—a concept that free-spirited author T.M. Dabney, never understood until she laid eyes on her new cover model, Eli.

Eli Gregor, a struggling musician and mechanic, thinks he knows the true meaning of heartbreak—that is until he accepts a business venture with the alluring Taylor Dabney. With her help, he pieces his life back together when his dreams dangle within reach and once again everything falls apart. And his success comes with a price he doesn’t want to pay.

Caught between better judgment and desire, they find themselves at a crossroads—should they make the best decision for their careers or give in to their undeniable connection?

A torrid tale that weaves humor, drama, and sexual tension, Ink Slapped will leave you reeling and wanting more.

Best pick up line ever used? 
Eli: Never a line, I try to make her laugh.
Did it work?
Eli: Most times. When I see that flirty response, I know I have her attention.
Favorite band?
Eli: Depends on the genre, decade, and mood. That's like asking Taylor what her favorite book is. *laughs* Some of my influences are Jimmy Hendrix, Jimmy Page, Jim Morrison, Johnny Cash, Slash, Dimebag Darrell, Santana, Stevie Ray Vaughn... Just to name a few... There are many more and many that are new to the scene that I meet on a weekly basis.
Best make out song?
Eli: Just one? *laughs* If you only make out to one, you're doing something wrong. Just play a whole album and you're to go. My choice would be The Deftone's White Pony. I love industrial rock and this album is one of my favorites of the genre. They did some inspiring stuff with it. Not to mention the trip-trop effects and heavy--never mind, no one wants to hear me ramble. *laughs*

Funny story, in high school, I made out with a girl to No Diggity. When I think about it now, I strongly believe that song had something to do with the loss of my virginity. I had no clue what I was doing.
Are you a heart breaker or do you get your heart broken? 
Eli: We all would like to think we're heartbreakers, but you always remember getting heartbroken.
Describe your dream girl?
Eli: Someone I can share my deepest secrets, fears, fantasies, and joys with and who'll want to hear them. It's all I have to give and those things are the most sacred. 
Ever teared up at a movie? 
Eli: I usually don't go for the sappy sad stuff... But I have and recently.
Which one?
Eli: Frankenweenie... Man, I felt for that kid when his dog kicked the bucket, but what made me tear up was when he brought him back to life. 
Boxers, briefs or other? 
Eli: Boxers, gotta give it some room without any chaffing. 
Best song to serenade a woman with? 
Eli: Good question. It really depends on the woman and your intentions. I love singing whatever comes to mind.
Favorite position? 
Eli: Yeah, not really picky. Um, I like watching stuff bounce, so the more of that I can take in at once the better, but I also like to...*grins wickedly* well, yeah. Not picky.
Sunrise or sunset? 
Eli: Sunset... I wrote a song about it before called, 'Checkin' the Gloaming.' It's about that time of day and also when I'm most creative.

Author A.M. Jones is a hopeless romantic with a lewd mind. She resides in Tennessee and writes about anything that strikes her inspiration and creativity. Her strength in characterization makes realistic elements of humor, angst, and drama jump from the page and into your soul. Ms. Jones’ other half has published books in dark fantasy and continues to do so.

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